How to choose a POOL CUE length

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How to choose a POOL CUE length

pool cue length

Do you want to buy a perfect cue for playing a wonderful game of pool or snooker, but don’t know where to begin? Selecting a good cue often becomes a confusing process if you don’t understand fully about your requirements.

There is a need for some basic considerations to select a high-quality and affordably priced pool cue. Remember that fancy designs won’t make a player better, but having a good pool cue can.

Here are some tips that can help in selecting a perfect pool cue:

  • A lightweight or heavyweight pool cue

Having a typical weight preference is important while buying a pool cue. The majority of people chooses the pool cue on the basis of their favorite player’s choice. However, that’s not a good idea as one should select weight according to their own abilities.

pool cue

A 19 ounce or a 20-ounce cue suits the majority of the people. However, this cue demands more accurate and skilled stroke, but the players can control the cue ball speed easily by using it.

  • A soft cue case or a hard cue case

The majority of players like to have soft cases because it allows them to look at their cues in a more presentational manner. On the other hand, the hard cue cases have a rigid internal structure that protects the cue from any kind of damage. However, you can’t unzip the hard cases, unlike the soft cases.

  • A hard or a soft tip

Having a soft tip makes the player feel the shot, while a harder tip lasts for a longer time on the stick and retains its rounded shape in a better way. That’s why the majority of people buys a hard tip pool cue.

  • Selecting the length of the cue taper

The general taper length varies between 10 and 15 inches. This piece of the pool cue screws onto the base. It is important to select a length that feels comfortable to the player. The shorter cues work in a perfect way for the players having short arms.

  • Selecting the pool cue grips

The most confusing thing about selecting a pool cue is whether to go for a rubber wrap or a standard leather type? However, a rubber wrap is perfect type to go because it helps in sticking to the grip.

On the other hand, the leather is the best for the players who perspire excessively as it absorbs moisture.

  • The Shaft or The Butt

The thing that mashaft pool cuetters the most is definitely shaft of the cue. There are some improvements witnessed in the construction technology of butt, still, it doesn’t compete with the shaft.

A quality and high-performance shaft ensures a greater accuracy on the pool table.

  • Quality of wood

Generally, the pool cues are made up from hardwood and exotic woods. There are some cues that use different woods for the taper and the shaft. The more exotic the wood, the more unique stick will be.

So, these are the main things that you need to look after while buying a pool cue.  Always keep one thing in mind that pool cue is a precision instrument and that’s why the modern pool cues are designed in such a way that the player has maximum control over the cue ball. We hope that this guide will help you in selecting the perfect pool cue.

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