3 types of Pool players

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August 17, 2017
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3 types of Pool players

3 types of pool players

There are a lot of people in the world who like the game of pool a lot. There are a lot of ways using which you can be a better player for sure. But first, you must know the basics and where you are standing right now as a player. So while explaining these first we will know about the different types of pool players. Actually, there are 3 types of players the casual player, the ambitious player, and the master. Now let us check in detail about these players.

3 types of Pool players

The Casual player:

First, we are going to talk about the casual players or you can call them the amateurs. These players play pool very rarely and did not have a lot of knowledge about the game. They play usually in bars or clubs at a few times in a year. They play at a table where there are a lot of players play at a time and the winner of the game gets another life to play. They try to play the best they can and enjoy a lot while playing the game.

What can do for being better: The main problem for the casual players is that they do not play the game very often and so whatever they learn about the game gets faded away with time. But if they are provided the right information about the game their game can surely improve. The tips which will be given to them may be simple but had to be effective like the process of holding your bridge right and the correct spot to aim. By telling them about these things will not make them better overnight but knowing something is better than knowing nothing.

Their Expectation: The only thing they can expect is fun as it is most important for them to enjoy their game. If something good happens it’s like some extra topping. They must not expect to achieve higher goals as if they fail their confidence will go down. Control your anger and just tell yourself that playing the game occasionally is not going to improve your game.

Cue to Use: Mostly they play at bars so they use the house cue which is provided there. But the cue must be thin and must not be flat instead it can be a little curved. The tip of the cue must be glued not screwed. Chalk is another important thing in your progress.

The Ambitious Player:

They are a bit different from the casual players as they practice the game a lot more than them. They practice a lot and sometimes you can see them playing alone in a pool table. They usually play several times in a month.

What can do for being better: Sometimes they expect a lot more rather than practicing more. They must practice more and alone not just play practice matches with friends as this will slow down their progress. They must focus on various areas of the game and the game plan they will use in different situations. They must watch good players, watch videos of other masters, and even read books about the game. For better planning, they must use the help of a coach and follow his plans.

Their Expectation: They must not expect more if they are not practicing more as they will only get frustrated with the result. The major thing they must do is check the frustration. The tip for them will be to go with a clear mind and be open for the surprises.

Cue to Use: They always have their own cue. They can have Players or Fury cue as they love the game and like to invest. Some of the players use cue with a higher price level like Predator, Lucasi Custom, Lucasi Hybrid, and Mezz cues. They can also use a break/ jump cue depending on their skill and lastly custom made cues can be used too.

The Master:

He is the best in the business. Playing pool is a major part of his life. They are complete players and you can see this with their practice, competing style, and even behavior on the pool table.

How are they better: They have a lot of training and they are very experienced to handle each and every situation of the game. Their mentors are just there to give them some mental conditioning as there is not much left for them to learn in the game. They keep themselves sharp for big tournaments by treating their body well. They play matches with the best in business all the time.

Their Expectation: The basic skill always stays with them as they had worked a lot on it so some illness or trauma can never hamper it. They enjoy their game a lot and it is one of the major reasons for their success. They are always open to suggestions to make their game even better. They always experiment with their game and try to discover something new.

Cue to Use: You can’t teach the masters, they always know which cue is better suited to the situation.

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