How much space do you need for a pool table?

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January 28, 2017
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How much space do you need for a pool table?

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Many of you would be a regular Pool Player. In fact, after working all day long, Colliding Balls at the pool table give you more happiness and satisfaction than any other thing. If this is the case, Pool is one renaissance of your happy times. Pool table can easily fit into an available space that is why we can often see a pool table in a garage, Dining/ family Room, basement etc. However, simply putting up a table and balls on it does not make it fascinating. It is much more beyond that. There is more planning required than the table and color balls to be purchased. Therefore, here we bring up how you can bring the extra addition to your space by figuring out necessary things:-

Size of the Pool Table

Not many would know, but a Pool table comes in different sizes. Yes, typically there are three sizes for a pool table. It varies from player surface to outer dimensions. Let have look at those three pool table sizes:-

Pub/Club Size

Usually a 7-foot long pool table having Outer Dimensions as 52×90 Inches (Approx) and playing surface as 38×76 Inches.

Professional Size

The professional size pool table is 8 foot long with Outer dimensions measuring to 60×106 inches while the playing surface measures to 46×92 Inches.

Tournament Size

This is the biggest pool table one can get with 9 foot having outer dimensions as 64×114 Inches and playing surface as 50×100 Inches.

Outside Space

Imagine you are playing and you miss the stroke due to the Cue touching the wall of your space? How frustrating that would be and it becomes rather difficult to play comfortably. This is why circumference of the room is also to be considered while buying a pool table. A standard 60 inches of space around the pool table is considered as ideal for easy play.

Checking on the Weight

Mostly, people plan to set up the pool table in the basement or in garages due to a lot of space available. The pool table can be set up on the upper floor of your house as well but it has garnered a huge concern nowadays. The reason being the weight of the pool table. Pool tables are usually heavy but their weight is aligned and distributed equally so it does not require even a bracing. Wood pool tables usually weigh around 1000-1200 Pounds.

This becomes a cause of concern whether the floor would be able to take up the weight or would need reinforcement. It is better to take up the help of a specialist especially when your house is older.

Checklist before the Delivery of the Pool table

Floor Rug

If you want to have a rug placed underneath the pool table, make sure to have it before the Pool table arrives. Placing the floor rug after the table is set would be next to impossible, as the leveling of the pool table would be disturbed costing you more time and effort.

Light Fixing

Before the table is set, make sure to have a light above the pool table so while playing in the night you can have an easy view of the whole table. Pendant lamps are considered to be the best Light fitting above the pool table as they are easy to fix as well. Fixing the light bulb after the table is placed would be quite difficult, as you would not want the electrician to stand up on your pool table and fix it.  This would probably be the last wish of yours.

The light fixture should be ideally somewhere between 30-36 inches from the pool table. As pool tables are 29-31 inches, high, the light fixture is should be 60-66 inches from the floor level.

Selecting an entry option

Bringing your Pool table through doors would be easier as the Pool table is usually assembled in the place it needs to be set. Make sure you have enough space to get it through and have no stairs involved as bringing it through stairs may cause a problem. Twisted or Spiral stairs or hallways would make the transport more difficult for the pool table for the designated place.

Seating Arrangements

Make sure to have a seating bench to your Pool table area. This is because at a time when some of the players are not playing they can sit comfortably. You can even include a beverage rail from where you can have your drink and enjoy sipping while sitting comfortable in the seating. You would not want players to rest against the wall and spill the beverages onto your walls or pool table.

Accessories Storage

If you have storage for placing your cues, balls, and chalk in the pool table room you would not have to search for them in the entire house. Also, it would be easy to handle and manage by inserting a holder in the room. Keep the accessories onto those holders and as and when required take them out.

Are Pool, Snooker or Billiards all the same?

There has been a doubt in everybody’s mind that whether Pool, Snooker or Billiards are the same things or juts the synonyms used for each other. Let us clear the confusion.


The pool is similar to pocket Billiards where there are six pockets in the table. The name Pool came into being after the horse betting rooms where the bets were usually pooled and collected in the room called Poolroom. Thus the name Pool.


Billiards is in a broader sense than the pool. The Billiards Table does not necessarily have pockets. They come without pockets as well. But the modern day billiards table come without pockets and variety of games are played on this table. They are usually bigger in size than the Pool table. Billiards is played more in Europe than in the US.


Snooker is the biggest of all three having six pockets. Snooker is played much in England and Asian countries and is not much popular in the US until now. It is played with Twenty-Two balls.

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